Cookie Night

Every other Wednesday evening after Wednesday League play, we socialize with cookies, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. We take turns bringing in cookies.
Dates for First Half 2015
June 4Rusty Hein
Rick Worthheimer
Barbara Vilanova
June 18Ed Gannon    
Blaine Wade
Russ Sheldon
July 2Larry Stawartz
Marion Stawartz
Tony DeCarolis
July 16Eileen Luba
Richard Lockyer
Pat Goetz

Dates for Second Half 2015   
August 6 Tina Goetz      Mark Sirocca  Jack Philips
August 27 Libby Boyarski  Pat Goetz  Jeff McCarroll
September 10 Anita Hall      Drew Kysel  Ed Gannon
 September 24 Tony DeCarolis  Marion Stawartz  Larry Stawartz
John Heller/Post-Gazette
See article about cookie night in the post-gazette.