Welcome to the home page of the Frick Park Lawn Bowling Club, a fixture in Pittsburgh's East End since 1938. 

Playing on world-class greens in Pittsburgh's beautiful Frick Park, the Frick Park Lawn Bowling Club (FPLBC) is an organization made up of members from the neighborhood, the city and from the greater Pittsburgh region. The Lawn Bowling Greens are located at the northern edge of Frick Park in Point Breeze, a great Pittsburgh neighborhood near Reynolds Street and Carnegie Place, off of Penn Avenue. 
FPLBC has novice members as well as former Northeast Division champions.  The club welcomes new members at any time during the season and provides free lessons for anyone interested in trying the sport.  We have two bowling greens, with the possibility of playing up to 14 games at once.  We have a full schedule of leagues, tournaments and social events.  There are league games on Tuesday mornings at 10 AM as well as on Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM. 
Every Thursday night the club hosts open bowling night at 7:00 PM.  If you've always wanted to try lawnbowling, this is your chance.  The club provides free bowls for the night and instruction by members.  For first time guests, there is no charge. After that, there is a $10 fee per person.  In addition to Thursday night open bowls, we also have bowling most Saturday afternoons if no tournaments are scheduled.  
Frick Park Lawn Bowling Club also hosts corporate and private events.  If you're interested in a unique and relaxing experience for team building or just a fun night out with work colleagues or friends, Frick Park lawn bowling greens is the perfect venue.  For a donation to the club, members will be available to set up the greens, provide instruction, equipment and access to the club house for your group.  Please note that Frick Park Lawn Bowling greens are part of Pittsburgh public parks and there is no drinking permitted.   
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We hope you'll visit Frick Park Lawn Bowling and give the sport a try. There is lawn bowling all over the U.S. and the world.  FPLBC members  even bowl on the greens in New York City's Central Park. 
For more information on joining the club, club dues or lessons, call 412-402-8211.  This club is a member of Bowls USA.

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